About Us

Erik and Lindzee met officially on August 27, 2010 through a mutual friend and Lindzee’s Maid of Honor, Nicole. The story is one of great romance revolving around a Ted Nugent concert, of all things. Being a person who is always looking for a good time on a budget, Lindzee had been advertising that she wanted to see that night’s Ted Nugent concert, but she really did not want to pay to do so. Her best friend Nicole had seen a post on Facebook from Erik earlier that same day stating that he had won tickets to said Ted Nugent concert, and no one had yet claimed his extra ticket. Nicole helped coordinate so that Lindzee could use Erik’s extra ticket, and the rest is history. The two of them spent the evening mesmerized by interesting displays of patriotism and top-notch people watching.

After a few months of casual dates here and there, Erik and Lindzee became an official couple in November of 2010. Over the course of the last six years, together they have acquired a handful of promotions, one bachelor degree, a home, and a small army of dogs. The two of them are ecstatic to be sharing their next milestone of marriage with their family and friends.